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In the News

Oscar starts up as first rideshare company in the Northern Territory

The newly enrolled Hi Oscar driver had been looking for a way to burn free time, interact with people and make extra cash on the side.

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Ride sharing app Hi-Oscar launches in Bunbury

Ride-sharing app Hi-Oscar has hit the South West and become operational in Bunbury. Hi-Oscar co-founder Daniel Broughton confirmed five drivers have come on board to conduct services in the greater Bunbury region.

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Perth start up Oscar is the rideshare market by tackling safety and surge pricing.

After a wild night out in the city, nothing beats being able to whip out your phone and quickly order your own personal driver to take you straight home to your front door. Ridesharing has rapidly evolved into a social norm over the last few years, as it’s become no longer frowned upon to be seen stepping inside a stranger’s vehicle, complete with dark tinted windows, at night.

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Uber Gets an Australian-Owned Competitor

It seems like only months ago, Uber was being hailed as a miracle replacement for the dysfunctional taxi industry. Then came revelations of a toxic internal culture, aggressive sabotaging of its competitors, a secretive program to evade local authorities, surge pricing during emergencies, and general poor treatment of drivers. And that time CEO Travis Kalanick was caught on video ranting at one of his employees.

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Rideshare services are welcomed in SW

Residents waiting for Uber to set up in the Capes may have a lifeline in fledgling rideshare service Hi Oscar. In a service similar to Uber, Hi Oscar operates in Augusta, Margaret River, Busselton, Dunsborough and Bunbury. Co-founder Jeremy Webb said the South West was in need of an alternative to taxis which offered more choice and was practical.

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Ride Sourcing in Tasmania

From 7 November 2016, ride-sourcing services has been permitted in Tasmania, subject to a range of conditions. Ride-sourcing platform providers Uber and Shebah have commenced operations in Tasmania.

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