This FAQ is continually being added to in response to questions we regularly receive from Drivers.

Multiple trip requests while still on a trip

Yes, while on a trip, you’ll get a notification to accept your next request if the request pick up is within 5 mins of your current trip destination. After accepting, the screen will go back to the current trip to help avoid confusion.

Why do I not hear any sound when I receive a trip notification?

Check your device is not connected to Bluetooth. At this point in time, Bluetooth will prevent the Oscar driver app from playing sound.

Why should you join Oscar?

Oscar is a 100% Australian Rideshare App. We did our first trip in January 2017 and since then have expanded our service in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and now have our sights set on becoming a national service. Our commission is 15% (incl GST) and our fares are set at the same rate as our competitors meaning our Drivers earn more without riders paying more. Our mission is to provide our users with an equivalent service at an equivalent price while delivering a much fairer outcome for all Australians. If you hold the same values then JOIN US.

How do I contact support?

You can contact us directly in Whatsapp

When do I get paid?

Dependent on location cut off is Monday 8am (WA). The earnings for that week are transferred the following Wednesday and should be in your account for Thursday. Keep in mind that public holidays can sometimes cause a delay. We will send you a tax invoice with your earnings. Coming soon: same day payout feature.

Do I get paid for multiple stops, wait times and tolls?

A trip fare is determined by the adding the route's total time and distance. When a stop is made during a trip, this waiting time is included in the fare. Any distance traveled to additional stops prior to the rider's final destination will also be included. When riders ask you to make a stop on the way to their final destination, let the trip continue. Press COMPLETE only after riders exit your vehicle at their final destination.

If you think there is an error in the calculation let us know and we will manually check it and adjust the fare in App if necessary. We do not have an official fee for waiting time however, until we do, you do have three choices which we will support (i) after 5 mins of arrival you press cancel you will receive the cancellation fee OR (ii) if they are coming but are taking a long time you can either press start after 5 mins OR (iii) you can let support know after the trip is complete and we will add the applicable $/min charge for any wait time above 5 mins to the fare. Please advise us on the Driver WhatsApp group for any tolls you have incurred and we will ensure the cost is added to the fare paid by the rider.

How can I be sure I am picking up the correct rider?

Occasionally, the wrong rider may attempt to enter your vehicle by mistake. To make sure you pick up the right person every time, we recommend confirming your rider's name before starting a trip. Your app displays the rider's name once you have accepted their request, and the rider can see your name, photo, car type, and license plate number.

What should I do if the phone or app crashes in the middle of a trip?

If your app keeps freezing or crashing, try the following in the app: FORCE CLOSE

1. Double tap the home button

2. Swipe up on the Oscar app card 3. Reopen the app If you continue to experience issues, you can try to reset your network settings. RESET NETWORK SETTINGS

Note: This may result in all passwords being deleted.

1. Select Settings > General 2. Reset > Reset Network Settings

Yes, we take bookings 24/7.

Yes, we take bookings in advance through the App during business hours or via dedicated Whatsapp Groups connecting riders and drivers together. The purpose of using Whatsapp group messaging is to make getting a ride more convenient. A rider posts details of their future intention to book at a specific time from a specific place giving drivers the opportunity to manage their time and be available when riders need them. The booking is not made until the rider places the request through the app on your arrival.

You will need to join the Whatsapp Driver Group to receive rider notifications.

Do you have a Fatigue Management Policy?

Yes, and it is available for here. Drivers need to take two periods each of at least twenty-four hours rest in a 14-day period. Drivers need to take at least six hours rest in any twenty-four-hour period. Drivers need to monitor their own work performance and take regular periods of rest to avoid continuing work when tired. It’s a good idea to check yourself prior to going online for signs of fatigue at We monitor and record log on and off times and will take a Driver offline that has been online for five hours continuously without a break.

Some phone setup guidelines to be aware of..

iOS Drivers check that your location update is set to "Always" and notifications are set to "Persistent". A persistent notification will ensure you receive more than a single notification ping.

Particularly for Android 8.0 and above check you have location updates on that you are not using any conserve battery mode and you have location updates set to enable while the Oscar App is in the background (toggling the App between the foreground and background every now and then will ensure your position is accurate on Rider App. If in doubt check your position using the Rider App. If your device is connected to Bluetooth it is likely you will not receive sound notifications. Bluetooth takes over the speaker our App uses to provide sound. Recommend either disconnecting Bluetooth, or having multiple devices.

Do you have a deactivation policy?

Yes, the Driver Guideline Policy contains information about deactivation available here.

Other general information is available in the Terms and Conditions.