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What is HOP?

The Hi Oscar Portal ("HOP") is a B2B platform designed to add value to your business ("Venues") . Read below to find out how and then email to register. 

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What are Venues?

A Venue is any business that can add value by providing transport for guests, customers and employees. Some examples could be Hotels, Wineries, clubs, car rental, car repair and medical centres.

How does HOP work?

Registration is free. We provide you with a secure 6-digit PIN for access to your Venue account.

Access the HOP landing page by clicking on the LOGIN button above

Enter the secure portal using your 6-digit PIN

Enter credit card details into HOP

Confirm pickup and drop off details for the booking

Select ride now or later

Fare estimate and availability details provided

Enter the passenger details and any additional information


We will confirm receipt of your request and provide driver and vehicle details

Driver arrives and provides the requested service

Payment initiated and tax invoice issued

Venue charges customer direct for cost plus mark up

How can HOP add value?

We exist in an age of rapid technological innovation, social media and product reviews, driven by consumers who want instant gratification. To not innovate is to risk being disrupted by your competitor or, as we have seen in other industries, an entirely new market entrant.  

Value is created by reducing costs or increasing revenue, HOP can offer both:

Why use Cabcharge when you can use Rideshare for your business.

Provide transportation services to your customers with no capital investment.

You're already giving your customers a reason to return, we give you a way to guarantee they return.

Book on demand or make advanced bookings.

A cheaper alternative to Cabcharge at your fingertips.

  • Control and monitor company use of transport.

  • Facilitates the provision of these services without the need for capital investment and in turn strengthens working capital position.

  • Enhance your the customer experience while staying in control of your relationships.

  • Access an additional revenue stream by on-charging at cost plus.

  • A cheaper alternative to Cabcharge at your fingertips.

What vehicles are available on HOP?

We’re always looking at ways to expand our service options.  At present we can provide a standard four seater private vehicle.  All vehicles undergo an annual vehicle and road worthiness inspection.  

Are HOP Drivers licenced and insured?

All Drivers carry appropriate licences and are fully insured for commercial travel.  All vehicles undergo an annual road worthiness inspection and Oscar drivers are covered by a $10 million public liability insurance policy.