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Our Mission

HOP is transforming the way goods move around towns and cities enabling your business to have anything delivered on-demand. The HOP platform connects your business to a network of local drivers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.


Get Unlimited Free Delivery

Food, flowers, parcels, pets and people. Pretty much everything legal. Merchant accounts are locked to the place of business as the pick-up location. Enter the drop off address, get a fare estimate and book on-demand or in advance. A driver will come pick up the goods and take them to the drop off address. The customer pays a delivery fee and that's all. Interested in receiving more information just email us at

Register Today, Deliver Tomorrow

HOP can be used in any number of ways to grow your business without costing your business, and it's all managed conveniently through a secure online platform.

A local florist offering can provide on-demand or advanced booking delivery services.

A local car repairer can provide a drop-off and pick-up service to obtain a competitive edge.

A chemist can conveniently distribute existing customer prescriptions instead of OTC.

A local business can courier documents and parcels easily.

A restaurant can offer delivery without employing its own drivers.

Retail stores can provide a delivery option as a service to compliment online purchasing.

A growers market can provide the convenience of fresh fruit and vegetables on-demand.

A coffee shop can deliver coffee to its customers.

A hotel can provide airport pick-up and drop-off for guests.

A doctors clinic can provide collect and drop-off services to help patients make appointments.

Car rental business can provide convenient drop-off service.

Did we mention HOP is FREE?

Move Your Business Forward

It's no wonder vendors and restaurants work with HOP to power their local deliveries. Tap into Australia's own on-demand delivery network and start bringing your customers the products they love in a matter of minutes.

Expand your footprint by reaching new customers in new neighbourhoods.

Gain new customers and increase your visibility.

Grow revenue faster by partnering with the network that doesn't charge merchants any fees.

Delivery and logistics problems have now been solved.

No contracts just good business relationships.

  • Control and monitor company use of transport.

  • Facilitates the provision of these services without the need for capital investment and in turn strengthens working capital position.

  • Enhance your the customer experience while staying in control of your relationships.

  • Access an additional revenue stream by on-charging at cost plus.

  • A cheaper alternative to Cabcharge at your fingertips.

Get Your Merchant PIN Number

Setting up a merchant account is simple. Email through your contact details including name of business and address to and we'll issue your merchant PIN and platform instructions.

Serious Stuff

All drivers are licensed and fully insured for commercial purposes.  All vehicles undergo an annual road worthiness inspection and are covered by our $10 million public liability insurance.